Quick & Easy Windscreen Repairs

BTB Windscreens provides a windscreen stone chip repair service at a low cost price. All of our customers can benefit from our repair service because our service you can choose whether you want the service done at our location or at the comfort of your home. Our company BTB Windscreens provides windscreen stone chip repairs for any type of vehicle.

With a 6 day a week work period it will be easy for you to choose when you want us to fix your windscreen. We can cater to it at your home, garage or even your work place to fit around your schedule.

Our professionals will ensure that your costs for the service are all covered by windscreen insurance claims, BTB Windscreens, will also provide you with a quotation beforehand that will be fitted to your chosen time. We will make sure you have a no hassle motoring service regarding your windscreen repair, as well as making suggestions for you which will reduce our affordable cost even more.

BTB Windscreens use the best quality and most reliable materials, equipment s and parts for your benefit, so you won t have to have your windscreen repaired anytime soon. Our professionals want you have an enjoyable customer service experience with us, so you can spread the word about our efficient staff at BTB Windscreens.

Save Time & Money With Chip Repairs

Any stone chip on your windscreen will be repaired, this is mainly caused by moisture and dirt that enters the area, BTB Windscreens, will make this perfect again. Our company will also provide the best advice to you to keep your windscreen maintained. The staff at BTB Windscreens will advise you to cover the windscreen chip or damaged area with tape or masking tape to prevent any debris getting into the crack. In addition to this BTB Windscreens will also state if your windscreen damage is in an unfit state to be repaired.

** Please note, if there are multiple stone chips on the same vehicle, we charge £50.00 for the first chip and £20.00 for each thereafter.**

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